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Square Space Website Builder
Square Space has become a contender in the website builder and hosting game. Explosive and interactive website designs that are easy to use and allow for good SEO during the design. The number of plug ins - options and upgrades are incredible and affordable.
Wix Website Builder
The Wix website builder is one of the most expressive and easy to use website builders online. Wix has always been well known for having the nicest free website template platforms and free hosting. Competing with some of the best in the world Wix has made a name for themselves by providing super easy website builders and beautiful templates.
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Website Building

Building a website today is easier than ever and with tons of different web builders and web designs to choose from take a look. Creating a website is the easy part. But where should you host your website? How do you get your website to rank high in search results from major search engines? SEO? How?

At Elf Listings we get these questions a lot. Although we do our best to help optimize your business listing and help promote a healthy organic marketing campaign online. SEO known as search engine optimization is an important thing if you want to rank well. But choosing a webhosting provider with a versatile control panel is another big part of good SEO. Your website - app or blog's speed and reliability are just as important as relevant information and unique content. Companies such as GoDaddy have some of the strongest servers in America and the most affordable web hosting packages perfect for any size business. The reliability and speed along side an easy to use control panel help make GoDaddy one of the best places to purchase domains, web hosting and WordPress products.

Website Builders and Templates
GoDaddy and WordPress go hand in hand and from the novice user to expert marketing professionals WordPress is one of the most used template based web builders on the planet. With thousands of plugins and upgradeable options for any website - blog or mobile site.

GoDaddy Website Builder
The GoDaddy website builder is one of the easiest website builders to use online today. With hundreds of free templates to use the GoDaddy website builder allows users of all levels to build - optimize and launch a website in just a few hours from start to finish. With all your domain and hosting information combined into one easy to use website. GoDaddy is still the king of Web Hosting and Domains.